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Mum of Ella (6) Oliver (2) and William (6months) and idylically married. I am proud of my career in education and love to be active. I was born and grew up in England but currently live just outside of NYC. I have premature osteo-arthritis, with no known cause (physical inujury or genetic link).

Saturday, June 30, 2012

3 month post-op check-up with Dr Davidovitch / 8 days until the triathlon

My three month check –up post hip replacement . Well it didn’t start so well as I walked into Dr Davidovitch’s office black and blue.  After checking I’m ok and shaking his head in disbelief, my x-rays were checked out and I was basically given my graduation ticket.  Everything is great and I don’t need to go back for two years.  He also said it is ok for me to start jogging  (I kept quiet on that one).  I was so excited to hear everything is doing well that I forgot to mention that one leg is longer than the other.  I guess it doesn’t really matter , it’s something I have to learn the adjustments I need to make and be conscientious about doing the exercises or wearing the orthotics / heel supports.
Very, very grateful for his amazing work and for the incredible recovery the surgery allowed me to have.  My life is my own again: I don’t think about what activities I can and can’t do, I don’t take pain killers to sleep, I don’t plan days/evenings out around how far I can walk.                                                          I can do anything I want to do!

Bike accident

11 days until the triathlon.

I have been feeling great, following a 6 day a week workout schedule with once or twice a week doubling up on a swim and bike ride. My longest bike rides are 2 hours (and pretty continuous hills), I swim 30 -45 mins 2/3 times a week.  The most fabulous thing for me though is the running. I honestly kept to ‘doctors orders’ and didn’t do anything of any impact until I reached the three month mark – literally not even running across a road.  But at three months to the day I started with a 30 mins walk and inserted a couple of 3-5 minute runs within it.   As I reached home my husband was sitting outside the house and I think he saw my smile from way down the street as I rounded the corner.  Over the course of just three weeks I have got to 40 minutes of near continuous jogging.  It’s all very slow but feels amazing.  I’m so happy to have that activity back in my life – it’s so much more than physical; it’s my reflective thinking time. 

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Symmetry Physical Therapy and Tri ‘Training’

I am in my 8th week of physiotherapy now; the first two being in-home physio and from then on 2-3 times per week at Symmetry.  http://www.symmetrypt.com/p_main.html      Choosing your physiotherapy company and physiotherapist is really important.  I based my choices on (as always) location – driving is baby-sitter money, and on what I perceived to be their sports emphasis. 
I am really pleased with where I go.  We work twice a week now and have built up to over 2 hour sessions which include stretching, marching with weights attached, 80lb leg press, elliptical, clam shells, hip raises, and balance exercises (including my personal favorite – the one where I balance on a sponge mat on one leg whilst assorted trainers throw balls at me  to catch - I’m very bad at this but would have been pre-op anyway).  
The physiotherapists there are all incredibly good. I work with Gary Abano who is very knowledgeable, he listens to my body’s progress, doesn’t let me push too hard, yet at the same time keeps moving me forward and adjusting my work each week. 
 On top of the physio I am managing to swim once or twice a week and I just reached the 1 mile mark, still swimming with a pull-buoy. At the gym I bike for about 40 minutes twice a week and am desperate to get outside on my bike – still not recommended but it had better be soon! I can walk non-stop for over an hour (outside of course – can’t comprehend using a running machine indoors).  I have started to build up the time on the elliptical machine.  It may only be 15 mins right now but I’ve been unable to run for well over three years and this is really hard work believe me!  I am hoping that this is working towards that first fabulous outdoor run one day (just a short one . not far or fast honest)   … fingers tightly crossed.